Weed Management for Peas and Lentils in Canadian Prairies
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Field pea (Pisum sativum) and lentil (Lens culinaris L.) are important crops on the Canadian Prairies; however, they are uncompetitive in the presence of weeds resulting in a high potential for yield loss.  Inter-row cultivation has the potential to improve weed control in organic systems with minimal soil disturbance allowing field pea and lentil to achieve economically sustainable yields.

A replicated field experiment was conducted in 2014, by Scholarship Recipient Katherine Stanley, to evaluate the tolerance of field pea and lentil to inter-row cultivation.  Cultivation began at the 4 node stage and occurred every week for the next six weeks.   There was no significant yield loss in field pea or lentil when inter-row cultivated at early growth stages.  Field pea tolerated two cultivation timings during the growing season, which allows for control of a second flush of weeds.  Cultivating more than once in lentil resulted in yield loss. Inter-row cultivation shows potential for weed control in field pea and lentil.  Click here to read Katherine's Final Report.


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