History of OCIA Research and Education
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About Us - History of OCIA Research and Education
till1OCIA Research and Education, Inc was incorporated in 2002 and is a 501(c)(3) organization. Currently, OCIA R&E is led by four board members, two researchers, and one OCIA staff member. OCIA Resaerch and Education was formed by OCIA International members to fund organic farming research that is conducted around the globe.  Research results are then presented to members during their annual meeting.

Our Mission
The mission of OCIA Research and Education is to support farmer driven research, on farm and at research institutions, including exploratory and demonstration projects. We facilitate connections between farmers, researchers, consumers and decision-makers, and educate organic producers and local and global communities regarding organic farming and foods.

Our Vision
Our vision is to see quality organically grown crops sold to an informed consumer who realizes the benefits that their purchase makes to the health of people, society and the planet.
  1. To provide organic crop improvement through professional development of farmers, processors and consumers, including technical assistance, education information, publications, and research.
  2. To clarify and promote the image of organic products.
  3. To identify the needs of organic farmers and producers.
  4. To promote the general welfare and cooperation of organic farmers, organic consumers, organic agriculture, and the organic foods industry.
  5. To support crop improvement and marketing with farmers, consumers and growers in such a manner that their self-sufficiency is not destroyed in order to fulfill the needs of the global organic market.
  6. To promote research into health, environmental, and socioeconomic benefits that pertain to the organization or industry and organic agriculture in general.
  7. To educate those interested in the organic industry and others including producers, consumers, and decision-makers in the benefits of organic systems.
  8. To create links or strategic alliances with research institutions, universities, and others to achieve common goals.
  9. To increase the effectiveness and integrity of the organic system.
  10. To develop and maintain a mechanism for identifying and facilitating the exchange of producer based information and information needs.
  11. In connection with the furtherance, dissemination, support and advancement of these objects to: a) raise money, assist in raising money, make and/or receive contributions and donations b) solicit and apply for grants and other benevolent or incentive funds as may be made available c) purchase, establish, develop, maintain and operate facilities, programs and services.
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Our Brochure

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